Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Day 6

May 30, 2019

My journey continues with my second hike of the year. I am hiking on the North Country Trail in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, along Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


It’s Day 6, my last day on the trail for this trek, and it starts with some crazy bed-head and a hot cup of coffee – reaffirming my decision that I am without question going to carry a stove and coffee with me when I thru-hike! Today I would hike the 3.5 mile section of the North Country Trail from Mosquito River to Chapel Beach.

I spent most of the morning reflecting on my overall experience in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and concluded it was nothing short of spectacular. Once I decided to get moving, I was able to break-down camp in what seemed like record time, put everything into its proper place in my pack, hoisted my pack up and on to my shoulders, grabbed my trekking poles and I was off.

Along the 3.5 mile stretch of trail between Mosquito River to Chapel Beach, the trail and the Lake Superior shoreline present some of the most “picturesque, most beautiful, it’s crazy amazing” views I have ever seen.


I arrive at Chapel Beach, hike up the sand dune, and exit the North Country Trail stage right.


I hike my last miles on the access trail back to the Mosquito River / Chapel Beach Trail head, trekking through more bogs of slush.

My trek hasn’t even officially ended yet and I miss it already? Perhaps a cream soda is in order. I can state that unlike Bryson “I have no regrets” from this hike. Sure, I didn’t hike the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore end-to-end, or even according to my original plan. But I feel I did reinforce a couple of even more valuable “mental lessons” – namely, the ability to remain mentally flexible when I had to, and to overcome the obstacles the trail presented – and provided myself the opportunity to grow in the process.

Hike Data – Day 6

  • North Country Trail 4.5 miles
  • Start: Marker 339.5 End: Marker 344
  • Garmin InReach:
    • Start 11:43 AM
    • Trip Time 4:38:02
    • Distance Traveled 7.84 miles
    • Average Speed 1.69 mph
    • Max. Speed 5.59 mph
    • Max. Elevation 961 ft

– Kelly

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